Ideas from the Makers

Perfect for daily use and home decor, and well-packed for gifs.

By WoodHaven

Our Monster It’s not only a tissue holder in your home, but also a cute and fun decoration for any room you put it in.

By WoodHaven

Handmade with unique ocean wave patterns, our Waves of Art Cheese Board/Cutting Board adds an artistic touch to your culinary experience.

By Gourmetree

Experience the harmony of nature and fragrance with this cute goods, bringing whimsical charm and soothing scents to your space.

By WoodHaven

Make the choice to have in front of your eyes the Wooden Big Horned Monster Tissue Box Cover, it will become a part of your room decoration, making the home-style more Fun.


This wooden coaster set is cleverly designed to connect to each other using embedded magnetics, giving the appearance of a snail’s shell.

By WoodHaven

Add a touch of literary charm to your tissue moments with the Book Shaped Tissue Box, where practicality meets the joy of reading.

By Wacky Tissue Box

A handcrafted tray made with natural birch wood and food-grade resin, featuring a unique river-inspired design that brings warmth and artistic ambiance to your dining experience.

By Chasung

Exquisitely crafted and polished, with a practical and visually appealing design that seamlessly blends natural birch wood and food-grade resin.

By Chasung

Make your gardening harvest more convenient with this handcrafted basket made of natural pine wood and metal. With its traditional craftsmanship and sturdy structure, it becomes a reliable assistant for gardeners.

By WhimsiBlend

Crafted by combining the richness of solid wood and the timeless elegance of marble, these coasters are a testament to refined taste.

By Crystal

Experience pure fragrance, adorn your space. This Mini Wooden Ornament Essential Oil Diffuser Set creates a natural and cozy atmosphere!

By Genevieve

Fill your space with delightful aroma. Experience the natural purity with this Mini Cylindrical Wood Essential Oil Diffuser Set!

By Genevieve

Add charm to your garden with this exquisite bench-shaped wooden bird feeder. Crafted from natural pine wood and metal, it provides a delightful dining spot and cozy refuge for feathered friends.

By Peraviary

Bring the beauty of nature to your backyard with our Handmade Mini Wooden Hummingbird House, designed to attract and delight these lovely creatures with artisanal craftsmanship.

By WoodHaven