Corporate Gifts


Welcome to the SmileTick CORPORATE GIFTING Concierge, where our aim is to alleviate the stress of customizing corporate gifts for you. We’re dedicated to providing you with a hassle-free experience that takes care of all your gifting needs.

Our bespoke selections cater to a wide range of gifting needs, including but not limited to appreciation, new hire onboarding, product launches, welcome gifts, client appreciation, prospecting, and holiday & year-end gifting.


Gift Selection Specialist
We have sold 16,000 gift products on etsy. Our founder and product selection team have a very deep understanding of gift selection. Our products not only consider the user’s usage habits, but also consider popularity, design, and sustainability. We believe that a gift is not just an item, but also a transmission of emotion.
When it comes to operational considerations, we will consider your company brand and concept communication, your budget and the timeliness of gift making and delivery. Our commitment is worthy of your trust because it is what drives us in this business.

Highlight Your Private Brand
We support the customization of your brand LOGO on the outside of numerous commodities. You only need to provide your company logo, and leave the rest for us.

Leave Us Undergo the Most Tedious Work
We will follow up the product customization throughout the process and ensure delivery within the agreed time.
From design, sourcing, packing to shipping, you don’t need to pay attention to any steps.

Support Small Business
Thank you for supporting our woman-owned small business. Many small businesses behind us also benefit from it. We spend a lot of time selecting exquisite products, and more than 90% of the products come from small businesses. Environmentally friendly companies and artists are also our main partners, those who have the same core values as us.

Exceptional Service
Service is our company’s first value! We believe that good service is the most important thing besides products, and establishing a long-term and friendly relationship with customers is the essence of business. Our 50% retention rate is the best proof.
Let every piece of gift show the value of your enterprise. We will help you implement

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Make Corporation Gift Outstanding, Beautiful & Memorable!

SmileTick Corporate Team